Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Spring Has Sprung

So after the lovely Equinox last weekend we are truely into Spring - yeehar - Dieter has finnished building his top bar hives -so hopefully we shall get some bee to populate them soon.....

I spent Sunday in the garden mainly pruning and tidying, the passionflower got massive and flowered into the late winter but now has mostly died so I had a laugh trying to detangle the dead from the jasmine and holly!!!

I feel a little like each time I actually get a job done I turn around and there are 10 more new ones for me to accomplish, the joys of Spring.

We are going on a Thetha Healing course tonite in Londinium exciting -Theta Healing is a transformational system of healing which gets right to the source of an issue or illness and creates miracle healing. Theta Healing is quantum healing making changes on a DNA level in the cells in the body and can help with emotional, physical and spiritual healing. Sounds good -I'll post about the course later this week......

love love love

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