Sunday, 14 March 2010

Clear Vision Drops

We have been preparing products for the festival season today and reconnected with some of our fav herbs-

Fi and I formed Sensory Solutions in 2003 originally it was called The Sensory Herb Project and we created a range of 30ml dropper remedies –

Why did we decided to use drops?

Using small doses of plants can have powerful effects by stimulating the subtle energy patterns of the body, mind, and spirit. They affect the innate physiological, neurological and hormonal responses and encourage physical and emotional balance.

Therefore, with our own range of delightful drops small dosages are taken with amazing results. It also makes sense to use less as more people turn to herbs for medicine.

One of our favourite potions it the Clear Vision made up from Heather –Calluna vulgaris and Bilberries – Vaccinium myrtillus we have harvested these tiny herbies on Skidaw in the lakes, the moors around Hebden Bridge-Yorkshire, Allendale –Northumberland, Betwsycoed-Snowdonia and Dartmoor.

The Clear Vision is about “Action not Reaction” viewing a situation from a step away -

Heather is all about patience and imparts her wisdom gently. As a herb of the liver and urinary system she helps us to truly understand the self and our part within our community and relationships. It was traditionally used for purification and stimulation.

Bilberry is renowned for its affinity with the blood vessels especially of the eyes, giving us the ability to see clearly. The circulatory aspects push ideas and concepts that may have reached stagnation. It is nourishing and nutritive, as with all of the berries.

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