Friday, 5 March 2010

Sensory Herbcraft

The birth of Sensory Herbcraft - its too difficul to make a living outta our beautiful herbal products since the boring legislation rubbish -saying we have to pay millions to license each product well 40grand which might as well be millions. – with all these new laws and impending regulations we are being steered toward more energetic medicine as that is still legal (not competing hard enough with pharmaceuticals) and we might just be able to actually make a living!

So we have decided to fully concentrate on healing folks and teaching folks -So this year is all about plotting and planning courses and workshops and also learning more healing techniques....We have been busy continuing our herbal health professional development

We attended a workshop with Elliot Cowan, who has developed a system of energy medicine called Plant Spirit Medicine he has written a book of the same name for all of you who are interested. His workshop was really insightful and during part of it we journeyed Shamanically with drumming to meet the Spirit of Oats and brought back messages from this beautiful plant one of which was to ask all of you to be extra conscious when buying your porridge/flapjacks/museli and always making sure its organically grown with love. It also told us it would like to be planted in your gardens because so many of us enjoy its seed but few actually know what it looks like.

We were giving away free oat seeds last summer, some of you may have planted them in your garden, let us know how it went.

Another workshop we attended was one devised by The Sacred Trust hosted by Simon Buxton. We heard about it after reading his well written extremely enjoyable book –The Shamanic Way of the Bee, I can really recommend this one…and the workshop, its totally excellent. Again we were journeying to meet animal and plant spirits with drums, percussion, dance and song and we both loved it. We have started incorporating these Shamanic practices with our patients and are calling our work ‘Sensory Herbcraft’

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