Monday, 29 March 2010

A Day of Production

We are off to Hereford today to a Charity Group called The Foyer the one in Ross on Wye houses up to 12 Teens who have become homeless for various reasons. Us Witches are going down this weekend to make some pots of Claendula Lip balm, Daisy Syrup and Comfrey Oil with them. Unfortunately the forecast is for Snow!! We had hoped to go picking the comfrey n Daisy.... oh well will have to play it all by ear....

The Theta Healing evening was interesting but not for us - the one message that came across from the night was that Theta was about INSTANT and Speed and during the evening it didn't gell with our ideas -then going home on the tube I was just saying to Fi -'mmm not sure about the whole instant quick fix stuff, we have learnt to slow it all down to really connect from our yoga practices' we turned a corner and there larger than life was a poster of Ghandi - and a caption "There is more to life than increasing its speed." hehe divine intervention...

enjoy the snow?

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