Saturday, 28 November 2015

Physician Heal thyself

 Physician health thyself is the old adage and indeed I personally always take my health or dis ease as a challenge to put all my resources and skill to the test!!!

I fully believe that herbs along with nutritional and lifestyle changes can create Ease and Health with everything, often being nursed and taken care of when we are down is integral to this journey to Optimum health.

Today I am suffering with a horrid gum swelling and infection, my lymph nodes are hard and painful and my  mouth is throbbing. I cannot bite down or chew anything as it feels very uncomfortable and painful and has done for about 30 hrs so far.

The Great Eliminator Point

My supportive partner, responded to me whining on the sofa last night and begging in a small childlike manor to be ‘Nursed’ by using his skills of shiatsu; pressing several points including The great eliminator (see picture). He also suggested to me hot salt water gargles and garlic, prescribing 6 cloves a day, to be crushed and taken hole but not on an empty stomach. He rather unervingly added that if it was not better within a week I would need in his words; ‘To Nuke it with hardcore stuff.’ This statement sent me into slight panic, what did he mean? 6 cloves of Garlic daily surely was super hardcore??? Part of me seemed to think he was talking about anto-biotics….My ego was dented, doesn’t he know who I am? A herbalist with capabilities of healing herself…..with some support and care from friends and family.

So my action plan when I woke this morning; which includes vast amounts of polypharmacy!
I stopped eating solids from yesterday and have had regular juices with organic vegetables, ginger and turmeric and smoothies with natural bio live yogurt, bananas, various soft and lots of turmeric, taking garlic in between smoothie sips.

Rubbing lavender and calendula externally onto my swollen lymph.

I made a mouth wash with Propolis, Myrrh, calendula and clove essential oil and boy is it strong.

Taking Echinacea, Calendula, Propolis, Elderberry and Swedish bitters internally with high strength vitamin C and Rieshi mushrooms.

And now I am going to bed to heal it all in the next couple of hours hopefully……phew


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