Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sensory Herbcraft Apprenticeship...3rd wichin' weekend

The 3rd weekend of our sensory Herbcraft apprenticeship was based around the element of water –we focused on the urinary system and the detoxification herbal tea consisting of freshly plantain, nettle, yarrow, cleavers and dandelion kept us all flowing freely!

Everyone had detoxed themselves for the week prior to the course so we chatted a while about how incredibly difficult unstructured or planned Detoxing can be also about cravings and the lack of decent food in the shops.

We started the weekend with a hot horseradish recap and after eating a few crackers with horseradish sauce and taking a few squirts trying out the differing tinctures of horseradish Dan’s cough disappeared. We had diminished numbers, as Hattie and Janice were sadly ill in bed –sending loads of love from everyone in the group.

We used the element of water to cleanse ourselves on saturday morning...leaves and water free flow careful with emotions while we go. 

Saturday was potion tastic, it saw the creation of nettle iron tonics and spring green vinegars, pick pick, chop chop, glug glug. Amazing drawings of leaves were produced, leaves from our detox tea, so green and vibrant and all so different in structure and taste...

Saturday night, music and sharing...where are we at, where do we want to go?  How far inside us have the herbs reached?  Open, honest, funny, emotional chatting.

Sunday we spent time thinking about the digestive system, dandelion root, rosemary and milk thistle.  Carminatives of fennel, peppermint and chamomile.

We also homed in on our pragmatic mothering comfrey...flexible to a point with her clear boundaries, an abundance of children but likes to stay put lest she should wither in a new environment...and she wares wax jackets...but they're from Millets!

A watery, flowing, loving weekend was had.  It's so clear how far everyone has come, and yes it felt easier and we had slowed it down, but the apprentices have absorbed so much.  Their are complex concepts that are now like second nature to them...well done you fantastic folk.

Bring on Chelsea Physic Gardens and our plant costumes!!!