Monday, 28 November 2011

Sensory Herbcraft- Rootz weekend

We Wild Witches wanna say a massive Thank you to all of our lovely apprentices - What a Full Earthy Weekend!
They shared, shed, dug, buried, tasted, discussed, flew, drew, wrote, designed, consulted, reviewed and created…full-packed witchi work.  From opening the Nu Moon Circle with shedding ol' unproductive bits n bobs through diggin deep whilst protecting our muscular skeletal saturnal bodies, thinking about what stresses our daily lives to Nigella n Delia in the Kitchen making Calendula Balms. 
Seeing the pure connection that’s coming through between the apprentices and their herbs is so brilliant, what a fantastic kru. Seeing the confidence to start talking to people candidly about their health and suggesting small ways in which herbs can enhance the lives of their nearest and dearest…bloody brilliant.   The main aim of this course when we laid it out was to connect folk to the plants in a grounded sensory way and through developing intuitive work and above all to instill confidence in people to use herbs.  This seems to be coming through…woop woop.
The raucous cackling and group dynamic, even through the intensity of the work and length of the days was so refreshing.
One of the Highlights for us was the individual Presentations on Trees…
Hatty introduced us to her mum, Hazel, the sustainer…the first arrival after the ice age and responsible for the survival of man in these regions!!!
Ingrid to her rosehip, sexy temptress of pain and pleasure with her puppy filled rosy bosom, the dagger in her garter.  Pure womanly medicine.
Yvette to her weeping Urtha Willow, used to bind sacred handles and weave the stories of the world with her bracnches.
Dan introduced us to his neighbour Birch, a delicately pressed leafy twig, a memory of the changing seasons, yellows and greens.
Trini took us on a journey through time next to her mountain Rowan, the feather blossom and compact orchard, feasted on by the local giant.
Sue brought us through the path of her ancestors and memories held in each conker from the horse chestnut tree.  Milky potion, driving connection.
Janice moved us to tears with her friend the Ash living in her back garden. Felled after neighborly abuse in the name of safety but to rise again to live happily ever after…phew.  Straight Ash twigs, foundation for our knot magic.  Thank you to Janice for the use of her wonderfully moving and funny plant dream of lavender. 
Margaret, also saying hello to Fraxinus excelsior told us of this fantasic Tree of Life and the Viking men of Ash.
Ame accidently found her naughty whisperer, the Poplar, with its thick skin and zest for life.  A tree with lessons for us all.
Joyce and her ancient Holly tree, feeling everlasting, when found in a hedge you know that hedge has been nourishing with its medicines for lang lang time….
Freya found Captain Walter Jupes, the walnut trees residing where she lives.  We heard of his swashbuckling adventures on high seas while we sampled his many fruits, wiled away from the squirrels.
Daisy found her sisters, the cradling hands of Lime blossom in her local graveyard.  Light emitting, honey nourishment, beauties.  And what was the name that came to you after your fabulous flighty dream?
Dawn found her yew and her intuition in the back garden just through the gate.  Her protective friend for birth and love, another tear shed in the class by us weeping witches…In birth and death our great protector.
And Michelle with her Elder world of magic and dark witch mayhem.  Fabulous drawings, photos, elder-bling, a whistle and sacred beads for us all to ware.
You wild, wicked, creative, wonderful witchi wonders…
Roots down, homework to go…big up witch wanderers everywhere, lets get making costumes!