Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Witches @ Chelsea

We are going to Chelsea on Thurdsday to check out the garden we helped to design with some kids in Herefordshire---



Saturday, 22 May 2010

Solomens Seal

What brilliant weather we are experiencing I have been out in my garden planting and playing with all my plants -one I have been given this year is Solomen's Seal (Polygonatum biflorum)and what a beauty he is.

My daughter Elektra has sat under the flowering leafy shoots introducing one flower head to another and chatting away there for ages. They look not dissimilar to bells or something musical to me.....

So why is it called after the seal of Solomen??? I think that is the Star of David or 6 pointed star.....

'' The origin of the common English name of the plant is variously given. Dr. Prior tells us it comes from 'the flat, round scars on the rootstocks, resembling the impressions of a seal and called Solomon's, because his seal occurs in Oriental tales.'

Another explanation is that these round depressions, or the characters which appear when the root is cut transversely, and which somewhat resemble Hebrew characters, gave rise to the notion that Solomon 'who knew the diversities of plants and the virtues of roots,' has set his seal upon them in testimony of its value to man as a medicinal root.

Gerard maintained that the name Sigillum Solomons was given to the root partly because it bears marks something like the stamp of a seal, but still more because of the virtue the root hath in sealing and healing up green wounds, broken bones and such like, being stamp't and laid thereon.'

taken from Mrs. Gieves.

I also found this really interesting site www.solomonsseal.net with loads of info on the lush plant -I cannot wait to start using it ...woohoo exciting found another friend.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Dream

There is nothing I would like more than to live in a farm house, surrounded by fields of herbs n trees and have the locals come see me for remedies to all their ails. We would swap my medicines for food they've grown, music they make..... No more forms, no more supermarkets, no more capitalist rubbish.

I am feeling really peeved off this week that I am outlawed whatever I do, as a teenager I left home and went on the road -

I moved about in trucks, vans and caravans in Britain, France and Spain mainly. I met many folk who used herbs and didn't go to the Doctors and was inspired to use nature medicine myself. We had a strong sense of community and looked out for one another.The authorities hated travellers and made our lives incredibly hard. The media wrote rubbish about us and many people were frightened and treated us badly.

When I decided to study Herbal Medicine at University, I moved into a flat and got my head down to work hard for the 7 years it took me to get my degree in Complementary health Sciences. So I did it got a profession but now they say I cannot do this profession cause I need a license to sell the herbal creams, lotions and potions……. This license is £40,000 per product. This really pisses me off. The authorities hate witches and are making our lives really bloody difficult.

So back to the farm house –well I got a lush council house n all my friend n family do come round with all their ails……..

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Little Lily Mae

I am buzzing, because I helped to deliver little Lily Mae born to Fi (t'other witch) n Benny on Saturday morning.

Fi had made herself a clary sage bath the night before and gone for a long walk to the local Curry House. Angela Travis from the Herb Society told me that she ate an avocado to bring on her son's birth 29 yr previously, she was recommended it by the GP who'd had his 4 kids born at home all of whom came after their mother ate avocadoes!!!

I was rung at 3am by Fi in labour, I was in Hertfordshire and she in Dorset, so I phone Uncle Pete n he whisked me down there. The whole birth was amazing and the herbs really helped Fi to stay focused and kept her energy levels up.

We make a mix we call 'Labour of Love' -out of the garden, tinctures of Motherwort, Skullcap, Raspberry leaf, Vervain, Peppermint & Nettle syrup and she took a few drops between contraction.

A massage oil made with Geranium, Grapefruit, Clary Sage essential oils and Lavender-infused Almond oil; which we call Bliss in a Bottle, I used it on her back, legs and feet.

She also drunk sips of raspberry leaf tea throughout.

After she birthed Lily Mae she drunk Ground Ivy that she had picked in the week to help to expell the placenta -something reccommended by Susan Weed.

How lovely to have Herbal Birth......

Friday, 7 May 2010

Herbal Health Power

The Currant situation with Herbal Medicine in this country and many other in this crazy western world is totally nutz in my opinion -I have just spent a while reading around the legal bla and what strikes me most is the joke stated everywhere that legislation and licensing regulations is all about protecting the public -protecting the public from what????

They say dangerous herbalists and dangerous herbs hehehe is what I say so I am definatley one of these dangerous herbalists who will not cow down to their bullshite oh and so is Fi and in fact a few others.....

We say educate yourselves, empower yourselves -to at least reckognis the plants in your local area -your gardens, parks and wild spaces -post us your pics of plants you don't know or ones you know and want to learn about.

Making simply home remedies and potions in the way to heal your selves and your families - stay away from the pharmacueticals if you can they are disgusting poluting our whole planet with numerous poisons, polluting our children, most kids have had at least 6 course of antibiotics before they are 3 yrs old what is wrong with garlic???? and loads of vaccines, old peoples -my grandad is on 8 different medications yuk

I see so many patients who are totally imbalanced because of the doctor drugs -numerous ailments are treated with drugs whos side effects mimic symtoms of the ailment they are treating???? So get them detoxing herbs that are prolific everywhere ie nettles, dandelions, red clover, cleavers, chickweed, dock and dry em put em in jars n drink them in place of fancy herbal teas bought in supermarkets....don't get me started on them!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Garlic Mustard aka Jack in da hedge (Alliaria petiolata)

I have notice the tiny delicate four petaled white flowers everywhere this last week, I love this delicious spring green vegtable, tasting like chives and garlic I made a pesto last night by putting lots into the blender with Olive oil, and brazil nuts mmm so nice on my toast this morning!!!

I am adding the flowers to my salad for lunch and have just been eating the heart shaped deeply cerated leaves all day, gonna chop a load up for the mushroom rizotto later. It is part of the wild cabbage or mustard / Brassica family and I am always cautious about this whole family - the garlic mustard has been shown to have measurable amounts of cyanide contained within its structure so I won't be carrying on this feasting just a like blast of it will do me! But saying that I believe it to really healthy and beneficial to me........