Sunday, 7 June 2015

Seed SistAs

Seed SistAs

We have begun our transformation in the Seed SistAs from the Wild n Wicked Witches, black hats moving to full skirts with many pockets filled with various Seeds…it is very exciting, off to the Radical Herb Gathering -

Working with The Seeds of Inspiration

We are focused on Seed politics and Food sovereignty. This years workshop @ the gathering shall be run as a ritual, using our innate sensory perceptions to connect with 3 seeds used a lot in our herbal practice and meet these individual plants: Oats, Rosehips and Fennel. We shall be looking at how we can use seeds to elicit change and where our individual power lies, within the politics of Food and Medicine today.

I am Seed
Here in this Moment all around me Dies,
I Stop,
In my Heart is the Potential,
All-Consuming Passion for Regeneration.
Contained but Bursting. 
Give me Water,
Fire and Earth,
I will Transform. 
Come down from your lofty heights
Withered ways
Primrose Seed Pods
Nourish me
As I in turn hold the Promise of Nourishment.   
The Axis between the Worlds,
Holding Court with noone but Me Myself & I. 
I Balance all the Energetic matter from the sands of Time
With the Foresight,
The Promise,
The Potential,
The Future. 
Perfect Preparation