Monday, 18 November 2013

Digestive System Herbcraftin

We have just spent a great weekend focusing on the Digestive System on the 2nd year of our Sensory Herbcraft Apprenticeship. The weather was fine and we had plenty of time to be digging up the super mucilaginous Comfrey n Aromatic Inula (where inulin was first discovered) n yellow dock (looked at antraquinones and laxative herbage)...

We spent the first half of the weekend with all 15 of us taking Swedish bitters before every meal and snack break and the second half taking our blend of Digestive native bitters (angelica, wormwood, lavender, rosemary, barberry and meadowsweet). What an interesting experiment gauging each individual’s response...

We looked at tongue diagnosis and dabbled in palmistry. Honored our hearts and the Full Taurean Moon. Left repeated destructive patterns in the earth to be transmuted to self-care and positive kindness.

Made an anti-parasite glycerite and the clever Freya suggested that instead of using the glycerol we may like to try creating the mix in Apple juice that we boil down to a concentrate -Good Idea.

Looked at dosages with creating artichoke balls from hemp seed butter, honey and powdered artichoke.

And enjoyed the company of Earth Lovers


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