Wednesday, 28 April 2010

May Blossoms

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Been out a wandering on this Beltane full moon in the fields of North Hertfordshire picking more ground ivy which brough forth much melodic singing from me - wish I could write music notes then I could exactely express the pretty song that the ground ivy evoked.

Then whislt munched on lots of Hawthorn leaves sometimes known as bread n cheese, and the tiny balled up soon to be flowers a really deep chant came outta me, I have heard a recording of the Dali Lama chanting and I felt a bit like that deep firey masculine with big bad balls hehe -

This firey tree rules by Mars is also known as May, because the hedgerows are turned creamy white as it blossoms in this month.

It is celebrated in as a heart herb both berries and blossoms are used to open the coronary arteries, improving blood supply to the heart muscle. This strengthens the heart and helps it to beat more forcefully and efficiently. As a result, the herb boosts the heart's blood-pumping force. We have also used in cases of broken hearts and heart ache from missing loved ones.

On May day it is traditional to make a head garland of May blossom n Elder flowers representing the Lord(Mars Hawthorn) n Lady (Venus Elder)as a fertility n love charm. So any of ya who want to re-produce tonights a good night!!!!

The flowers smell a bit like rotting meat explained by the chemical trimethylamine being present in hawthorn blossom which is one of the first chemicals formed in decaying animal tissue. This is one of the reasons it is thought unlucky to bring it into your homes.

Happy Beltane Moon I am off to have a fire.........

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