Saturday, 10 April 2010

Wicked Weather

Well what a lovely weekend!

I have been so very productive and happy in my garden, diggin and harvesting got loads of fragrant, lemon balm, sticky, cleavers and pungent, sage today and lots of thorns in my hands and feet from the pruned hawthorn hedge!!The thorns are really nasty so I have dropped lavender on em all to try and prevent infection.

Cleared a space under my south facing window for some cucumbers and soft fruits I had to dig out a bit st.johns wort, a creeping jasmine -I was amazed at how far this plant had travelled with it long thin green stems rerooting and speardin as they hit the ground- and an elder that self seeded from the composting old berries that we had boiled for the Venus Rob(elderberry syrup)how resilient it that -infact I felt a wee bit guilty for digging her up but she chose my front wondow to grow infront of and would soon block out all my light-her roots were truely awesome hugh creeping right up to my front door....I had a fire and burnt her with alot of love and a few wishes of protection.

The Oat Seeds have spourted and are looking healthy and vibrant mmm my own porridge oats one day.

Made up a few bags of Anti-infective tea with Myrtle leaves from the New Forest - and berries from the bush by my gate-this one was a cutting from my Grans bush one that she secretely purloined from Buckingham Place where she was attending a Garden Party - apparentely the bush there was grown from Queen Victoria's wedding boquet(oooer misses)lavender flowers from the front garden ,st.john's wort from an old railway line in Welwyn and thyme from the garden mm delicious
So I have been dosing myself up with about 5 cups of this mix to shift my chest infection and its working a treat.


  1. hiya ... great to read the newsletter and find your lovely new blog :-)

    over the winter i moved house from a gritty bit of london to a peaceful place by the sea (hurray!) and have been busy filling all the sunny windowsills with little bubba seedlings and planning my herb garden

    meanwhile, i found a fabby clump of lemon balm in the garden this week and i have rosemary and plenty of excellent weeds to be getting on with

    must get my blog going again

    hope to get to Capel Manor in May to see you

    lots of love xx

  2. Hey Honey,

    lush to hear you have settled in well to your new home- I am slightly jealous of you being nr the sea -I went to Brighton last weekend and it was so nice being by the waves -I loves it.

    Unfortunately our web site need updating and we aren't gonna be at Capel this May but if you fancy a herb walk get intouch x x x