Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Mimram erbs...

We've had a lovely morning out in the sun harvesting some delights for our tea blends. We went to the mimram river to a big patch of the potent ground ivy, nestling inbetween the nettles, thistles and burdock these beautiful tiny purple flowering, pungent delights were found also known as Ale Hoof it was used to clarify beer in the middle ages we also harvested a load of purple stingers.

We use the nettles in our ladies lovelies drops which combine nettles with raspberry leaf and lady's mantle.

They are really balancing, nurturing and protective for any menstrual or ladies problems, centering us and connecting us with the womb.

Lady’s mantle, coming up in so many of our gardens now with its pale shelf like leaves collecting the morning dew is revered for its mystical qualities, has been associated with the wisdom female power. It is ruled by Venus and is used for many imbalances affecting the womb. Science owes its womb toning, astringent properties to the tannin content of the herb. It helps movement out of stuck situations and away from the past.

Raspberry leaf is again toning to the womb and is used successfully during pregnancy to aid in birth. It is extremely protective nourishing.

Nettle is used as a cleansing herb to support the kidneys. Ruled by Mars it empowers the fire element in a person, breaking up excessive or waterlogged emotions.

We went on an self-care abdominal massage course this weekend where we were recommended to massage our tummys every evening before bed to improve circulation to the area. It helps to keep our wombs in place, take a few minutes out each day for us and improve menstrual and digestive symptoms. It's the perfect thing to do whilst taking ladies lovelies drops.


Enjoy your spring forays...

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