Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Lushous Lemon Balm aka Melissa officinalis

Been out harvesting my fruity lemon balm this morning and wondering at how differing each plant is some of them have really large generous vibrant green foliage whilst others are much smaller and darker, tougher I guess depending on how much sun/ shade, water etc they are getting but all have the amazingly uplifting scent of citrus.

I am collecting them for a new patient I had yesterday who has a over active thyroid gland and is also extremely stressed - and I know this herb in amongst others is really gonna help her.

Melissa the latin name for lemon balm is greek for "honey bee" and Melissa was also another name for Artemis the moon goddess the honeybee was considered to be a form the human soul took when descending from the Goddess Artemis herself-

My local beekeeper has told me he plants Lemon balm around the bee’s hives to keep them happy and more apt to stay at the hive and not swarm away

I see lemon balm as a having a water element and Culpepper classes it as a herb of Jupiter. In the body, this planet governs the liver and lungs.Jupiter lets us push far beyond our limits, to stretch and expand our horizons by doing something entirely different, insisting that we don't become rigid or stale.

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