Friday, 9 April 2010

chesty witch

Unfortunately I am slightely underdaweather with a nasty chesty cough but have had the pleasure of steppin out into my front garden and feeling the warm spring sun on my face, picked some-rosemary,thyme, bay, lemon balm n oregano for my morning tea. I am also taking thyme liquorice and elecampane syrup n loads of ginger and hyssop so fingers crossed it shall go away soon.

I have been on the south coast in Brighton for the past few days and itsbeen a lovely break -there was a chilli festival on the front so I sampled loads of differing chili delights mmmm.

Alot is happening in the Herb world to do with regulation and licensing of products I have been following progress in some confusion as all the legal jargon is dry to read this has led me to want to create a film detailing exactelywhat is going on -if anyone is interested in this project please let us know....

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