Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The Yarrow n da Mugwort

On this blustery day before the rainfall we all went off in search off some herbage and came across artemisia vulgare/ Mugwort n Achillia millefolium/ Yarrow we use both these herbs in our smoke da garden mix which is proving a popular alternative to the evil nicotine addiction of tabac.

I have used the Mugwort for intensifying and connecting with 'The dreaming' and have experienced some intensely exciting dreams. I once wanted to treat a previous boyfriends son but my relationship with his mum was complicated -I was advised by an elder to put some Mugwort under my pillow and treat him in my dreams. He had been suffering with glue ear and had no taste sensation. I dreamed him every day for a week, the elder was also in my dreams walking beside me. After the week his glue ear and taste healed itself.

It helps you to remember your dreams and connect with the meaning they may have in your life.

It is also a herb I would always recommend in labour and for that PMT feeling off extreme heaviness waiting to bleed.

The yarrow herb is gonna be dried and used in our sniffle tea mixed with elder n peppermint –delicious.

Yarrow is brilliant for circulation and lowering temperature during a fever.........its latin name, Achillea is from Achilles. It helps to restore us from any weaknesses or our own achilles heals we might have -it is incredible strengthening and protective. I believe everyone should have a jar of yarrow on their shelves its and essential first aid herb and my alternative Calpol. It is suitable for babies and children too.

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