Sunday, 18 July 2010

Hertfordshire Herb Society Day out

What a wonderful day out it was yesterday organised by Herts Herb Society. Whom meet every first Wed of the month in Welwyn Garden City.

We started off at Buzzworks a community Bee hive and garden in Hitchin,


We were given a brief talk about the place by Robin Darlington the founder ,a seasoned bee keeper he was very informative explaining that our country really needs more bee keepers to help the bees from becoming irradiated, they are being attacked by a foreign mite, but apparently using something as simple as using thymol crystals can kill off the parasite.

We were then let to wander around the beautiful gardens and displays- they have a glass observation hive where one can watch the bees at work it was fascinating.

I bought some delicious Ivy Honey, which I later sweeten my lavender tea with!

We then went on to Hitchin Lavender farm just up the road to pick as much lavender as we could fill our bags with for £3, bargin. The heady scent of the blooms made for relaxing meanderings in the impressive purple fields; it felt as though we were in France.

We picked enough to make a tincture and some oil with plenty left to dry for tea.
We put the lavender into our Liver Cleanse Drops, as it is an excellent digestive herb as it is anti-microbial and really relaxing to the gut. It is a brilliant anti-stress herb and I will always use it if I am suffering from tension or anxiety.

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