Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Home Education Group at the Mimram

We had beautiful weather yesterday for a herb walk around the Mimram river site at Digswell village near Welwyn Garden.

We wandered a circular route tasting the hedgerow delights as we travelled. The nettle seeds are so oily a relative of hemp the seeds are very similar and in plentiful supply at the moment. The Lime blossom have gone and in their place are seed heads looking like little decorative balls, they tasted slightly peppery.

The elder flowers have become small green berries promising a plentiful harvest come September. The Earth is so parched and dry and so many plants are really struggling many of the normally massive leaves of the burdock were tiny in comparison to the last few years. The Ragwort must have severely deep roots as its doing famously blooming away in amongst brown grassland.

The Hemp Agrimony / Eupatorium cannabinumin full flower looked lovely beside the river - we have been using it in our immune boost for some years now and its brilliant as an immunostimulant. We mix it with sage, the elderberries and the ground ivy.

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