Tuesday 8 July 2014

Antimicrobial Aromatic Potion to ward of Colds and Flus

Our garden path is lined with the most delightful scented aromatic herbs and it is a constant wonder to the children and adult’s alike hands are trailed along and wonderful smells released each journey up or down it. Amongst others you’ll meet the uplifting, protective, rosemary, calming lavender, pungent thyme, heady sage, smoky wormwood, tasty marjoram and sweet myrtle. All aromatics are anti-microbial in their very nature the high scents are often part of the plants own protective system to ward off pests and illness. Aromatic after the word aroma just means smelly!

Today I have decided to make a tincture to go towards making the next Tonsil Tickler Throat Spray of ours. The way I make tincture is very simple. I choose the herbs I want in it, so in this layer cake there is calendula, daisy (lymphatics), rosemary, sage, thyme, oregano, myrtle (aromatics) lavender (anti inflammatory aromatic) Nastursium Flowers, Borage…..delicious and so pretty a mix.

I harvest the plants on a dry day after the morning dew has evaporated, the moon is nearly full so all the energy  of the plant is at full power….

Then I chop up the pack as much as possible into a jar and cover with good quality  vodka, label and date the tincture and one lunar cycle later strain the herb out and what is left is your tincture.

I shall be making elderberry syrup to add to this potion in the autumn and then I shall mix it all up together.

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