Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Spring Detox?

It is seriously freezing cold beautiful clear sky and the sun shining down, seems that the light has indeed re-entered, the Water energy is rising up in all the new green shoots. Snowdrops and Primulas are popping up all over the garden and cleavers n nettles are bursting through, Imbolc or candlemas has passed bringing the birth of Spring is upon us….The sap rising is palpable
It is a great time to cleanse and help our body to cope in a physical way with this rising energetic force.  We need to Detox our homes, lives and physicality’s, we need to be clear, to let things flow…to shake off the stagnation of winter. Juicing, greens, creating fresh pestos and delicious soups and stews filled with fresh veggies and herbs. 
We’ve been sprouting our wheat grass trays to get our pokey green shots of goodness for the coming weeks.
 You just need an inch of soil in the bottom of a tray and a layer of wheatgrass seeds sprinkled and smoothed over the top.  Keep them nice and damp and in 2-3 weeks you’ll have a spring lawn on your kitchen window sill just asking to be juiced bit by bit.  I use a pair of good scissors to chop away a shot sized amount to go through the juicer.

The masticating juicers are the best for wheatgrass but you’ll still be getting some of the rich lushness through a centrifugal one.  Centrifugal means moving or directed away from a center or axis. A centrifugal juicer spins at high speeds and during the spinning motion; the vegetables that you have shoved down the chute are ground to a pulp. The spinning motion then forces the juice away from the pulp. Masticating means to chew, to grind or knead into a pulp.
Your teeth are an excellent example of mastication in action. Your teeth chew and grind food. After you swallow, the food then goes to your digestive system, which, through the process of digestion, begins to extract the juice from the food, you eat.
Much in the same way, a masticating juicer grinds vegetables and literally squishes out the juice. Since a masticating juicer works at low speeds and with no spinning action, it tends to juice many vegetables more efficiently. Some say the high-speed action of a centrifugal juicer produces too much heat, which then can damage or possibly kill the enzymes in the juice.
The fresh juice of plants is very much like the juice of our cells. Drinking the juice of fresh greens is like drinking the nectar of the rejuvenation of youth. The essential elements that may be lacking in your body cells- particularly the live enzymes, bioactive vitamins and minerals are easily assimilated through fresh green juices.

Chlorophyll is a pigment, which gives plants their green colour and is found in most plants and algae. Chlorophyll also facilitates the process of photosynthesis, which allows the absorption of energy from light. Isolation of Chlorophyll as a pigment by itself was first done in 1817 by French chemists Bienaimé Caventou and Joseph Pierre Joseph Pelletier.

Chlorophyll is green because it absorbs all the colors in the light spectrum except green.

The chlorophyll molecule closely resembles hemin (a component of hemoglobin), the pigment that combines with protein to form hemoglobin. The latter is present in the red corpuscles of the blood and by carrying oxygen to the tissues makes the production of energy and life possible. The major difference between chlorophyll and hemin is that chlorophyll contains magnesium while hemin contains iron as its central atom.

So lets get all dem spring greens in the juicer and get healthy!

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