Sunday, 26 February 2012

Imbolc Germination Workshop

Three weeks ago we held an Imbolc Germination of Seed workshop both in Herts and Somerset. We based the workshop on the Energetics of Germination of Seed, having an in depth looking at differing herbs in their new bud stages. We got ourselves some seed trays and set about planting many differing herbs and plants -we raided the kitchen and found caraway, fennel, and poppy seeds on the selves, some aduki beans and milk thistles –

Fi also germinated 2 trays of Wheat-grass to juice. We wanted the essence of the message to be creating intentions from a clear and cleansed space, and really promote the message of detoxification for clarity of thought and actions.

We opened the workshops with thought of future projects -all lit candles to welcome the light back into our lives and with the light more fire energy to help drive us forward to achieve our goals. The groups made combined intentions for the coming spring -intentions to grow and nurture projects. As the Earth around us grows and nurtures all new life at this time. We juiced greens one by one pushing the vegetation into our juicer speaking aloud our intentions and then raised a glass of delicious nutrition vibrant juice to toast the energy.

The weather turned cold literally after the first workshop, it started to snow! The insulating blanket of pure sparkling white was so magical. The world turned into a fairytale adventure.  Elektra delighted in being able to eat it, create huge snowmen and sledge. I was slightly worried about all the new growth on the plants and how they would cope with the freeze. But they seem to be doing fine....

Now 3 weeks on, the front door is ajar letting sunlight flow into the home - planting on re-potting and clearing dead out in the garden today -Spring has Sprung.

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