Monday, 8 August 2011

Artemis my love

A Waxing Lammas Moon, found me in obsessing over mugwort, everywhere I had driven over the past couple of months she was waving at me from the roadsides lining these highways and byways with her tall, willowy ways.

Us witches have found out that although all of our medicinal remedies are illegal due to not being licensed under the new regs, our smoking mix is perfectly legal -slightly ironic!

We have decided to try and promote and sell this product and fund our land project literally by smoke......Lady Artemisia Vulgar a.k.a Mugwort is one of the ingredients of this heady mix -she works her magic in our dreams, sending us, both coded and clear insights, to grasp onto as we wake from slumber.
Anyways I had an idea in my head where I had seen some Mugwort away from the road, Dieter and I made our way down there and by chance came across a whole massive patch of pure mugwort interspersed with a smattering of creamy white blossoming, yarrow-

I felt blessed and as though the universe had put it all there just for me. We spent about 20 mins harvesting, marvelling at the bounty and filling the whole back of the land rover with HERBS and probably countless crawlies too.

Today the logistics of how to create the energetic power of our dreams is hurting my head –there is too much death and destruction in the air, the only thing I am certain of is that I must keep walking forward on this path of mine and tell all who I know about my love for Mugwort.

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