Wednesday, 6 July 2011

day 31

So its day 31 of my noramlly 28 day cycle and I have gone well n truely premental -with the words ' stop eating the bread' ringing in my ears from my raw foodie mate Debz -all I crave in granary seeded batch loaves with cheese, jam and marmite n onions n chocolate n n n n

I know that I am not pregnant, not only from the fact that I am careful with my dates n mucous n sex time but also cause I got Dieter to stop n get me a late night test yesterday - he started lecturing me on that I should be drinking pennyroyal tea, I bit his head off.

I am drinking a strong mugwort infusion now it is murky green and reminisant of a sage n oinion stuffin mix that hasn't been mixed.It smells and feels like food -I have made it from the flowering tops of our protecctress Artemis (common as muck variety/vulgaris) She grauds our roadsides waving delicate blooms to the travellers passing by. She is on our waste grounds and is most prolific. I have big bundles drying all over the house. She is gonna help me bleed soon............................

this time for me is inverted -

I searched beautiful wombs on google images --n got loads of plastic women???????? freaky fuckin world we are in


  1. ahhh honey I think there must be something in the air (or the water!) coz I know of a number of women who are going a bit bonkers at the mo with their cycles, myself included!

    Resissssstttt the breaddddddd! I had two slices this morning after a week without and boy do I regret it!!!!

  2. I had a blow out on our chocolate chip brioche that we had to sell oin our space at camp bestival and now I have the worst thrush ever...I havn't eaten any sugar for months!!!!! Aghhh...