Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Ache Ease

We had a busy evening preparing the new batch of Ache Ease. Baba in bed gave Oriole and me the perfect opportunity for uninterrupted potion making.
Our Ache Ease has become so popular we made as big a batch as we could manage, Pyrex bowl allowing.

We used last year’s horseradish oil, which me and Karen dug up, from Lea Valley. Its irritant mustard oils are so powerful that goggles were needed in order to chop it. But this is the compound that draws the blood to the area of the body being treated and makes it so affective. Since we added horseradish to the recipe the Ache Ease has become a wonder rub for sore, achy, joints and muscles.

The horseradish is mixed with comfrey oil, which we made a warm infused oil of in a bain-marie. Comfrey needs to be dried in a nice gentle heat to stop it going black and when dry can be made into and oil. This is truly healing and restorative for bone and ligaments alike.

Next was lavender oil, which Karen made from the lavender in the garden, anti-inflammatory and healing.

We mixed them with beeswax and cocoa butter melted in a bain marie added delicious peppermint and rosemary essential oils and poured into the waiting glass jars…mmm

I snapped a ligament in my knee a few years ago and have used the balm ever since, avoiding an operation. Its great!

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