Sunday, 26 September 2010


For the Full Moon Equinox we had a photo shoot and interview with Spirit and Destiny Magazine about the Elderberries and Moonlight harvesting. It was lovely being out picking as the Moon rose on the crazy Equinox, there was an electrical storm, owls and munjacks about....the issue will not be out for a while so we have to exercise patience… boring!

Yesterday we…

Sorted out the lists of ‘to do’ (the whole shed was full of tincturing, macerating n dried herbs all ready for processing n sorting) out today so have recruited some help. We are all getting stuck in. Sasha, Sam n, Oriole, Fi, Elektra n myself and little ziggy-may all spent the day in the Front room picking leaf n flowers off Yarrow, Mugwort, Calendula, Goldenrod, Hypericum. Tinctures of Poppy n Henbane, Lavender, Goldenrod, Wormwood, Oregano n Thyme & Vervain were strained and bottled, Oils of Hypericum and Lavender also strained and pots of rich red antiviral Hypericum Lip balm made. The Elderberry syrup we’d made got bottled n labelled – altogether a productive chaotic day.

Flying Ointment…
We then had a few folk round to make the witching ointment with. We all added ingredients to the jar with the intentions of growing positive community.

We did a shout-out of words we think are important for community,
We thought of these as we prepared the oil and burnt our words on the fire later sending them up to the moon….

Aconite/ Wolfsbane was added first, I had dug the fresh root up minutes before washed the earth off it and chopped it up on the wooden board the creamy white root turned pink as I sliced it. We all tried a tiny piece of it and noted how it dried out our mouths instantly and how trippy everything suddenly became!

Next to go in the mix was the spiky Henbane picked from one that had self seeded in a pot by my front door, we discussed the Wolf and Hen energies that are inherent in these plants then the Datura from Austria, the foxglove from the garden grown from seeds collected on the Yorkshire moors, the poppy heads from a friends garden here we discussed the war on plants and all spared a moment to think about the heavily guarded poppy fields everywhere and asked for some freedom for this abused imprisoned beautiful, delicate, feminine plant. Fi has seen poky bitter opium juice drunk daily by the men of small mountain tribes in the mountains of southern India to go to work with.

Woody Nightshade berries were then tasted by all to understand and sense the flavour of the Atropine Alkaloids and a generous bunch thrown in the mix. I have found reference to being worn around the necks of people suffering from tinnitus. Fly Argaric fairytale toadstool, was next in our jar I have read an interesting article in The Sacred Hoop about some anthropologists off in Deepest Russia staying with peoples who use this Magical Mushroom regularly some off them everyday as a kind of pick me up. The Eyebright picked from the Alps went in to aid us to see clearly and focus when using this ointment.

We had a really lovely time around the fire into the early hours under the light of the moon chatting about the future and trying to release judgement from our daily lives!

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