Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Sunny Dayz

Well I definitely enjoyed today’s weather loads more than the wet yesterday - we were out at the Celtic Harmony Camp Brickendon - -which is a lovely place for kids and had a great day despite the rain, hearing tales of Finn MacCoul and the Giant's Causeway, all very interesting!! Harry made me a leather and grass bracelet and Elektra ground grains and made some bread on a fire in a round house.

Today has been a harvesting and production day in the garden with my little girl Elektra -she helped me to cut the delicate Ladies Mantle blooms and the fragrant Sage flowers for drying and also to make a Motherwort tincture. It has been blissful.

We then went around smelling the various fragrancies on all our flowers hehehe

The Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) has grown enormous nearly 1.7m high now, it will flower really soon so I have only taken about half of the leafy stems out. It is my favourite relaxant herb during and just before my period really helping me to properly chill out and alleviate the heavy womb feeling.

Dieter has put his newly built Beehives out into the fields anointed with Lemongrass Essential Oil to attract a swarm -the oil is similar to the bees own homing signal scent.

This evening was spent watching Britains got Talent whilst taking my dried Hawthorn blossoms off spiky branches and into jars.....

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