Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Dream

There is nothing I would like more than to live in a farm house, surrounded by fields of herbs n trees and have the locals come see me for remedies to all their ails. We would swap my medicines for food they've grown, music they make..... No more forms, no more supermarkets, no more capitalist rubbish.

I am feeling really peeved off this week that I am outlawed whatever I do, as a teenager I left home and went on the road -

I moved about in trucks, vans and caravans in Britain, France and Spain mainly. I met many folk who used herbs and didn't go to the Doctors and was inspired to use nature medicine myself. We had a strong sense of community and looked out for one another.The authorities hated travellers and made our lives incredibly hard. The media wrote rubbish about us and many people were frightened and treated us badly.

When I decided to study Herbal Medicine at University, I moved into a flat and got my head down to work hard for the 7 years it took me to get my degree in Complementary health Sciences. So I did it got a profession but now they say I cannot do this profession cause I need a license to sell the herbal creams, lotions and potions……. This license is £40,000 per product. This really pisses me off. The authorities hate witches and are making our lives really bloody difficult.

So back to the farm house –well I got a lush council house n all my friend n family do come round with all their ails……..


  1. Hi there, I just came across your blog and just wanted to say I really resonate with everything you say. It's hard for us free spirited and community minded herby types to find a place in this crazy system we find ourselves in. I think we just need to be cleverer now about how we work and keep connecting with each other.
    Take heart, I share your dream!
    Lucinda x

  2. Thank you Lucinda, its great to have this internet cyber world to connect with like minded folk.
    I am feeling loads better for sounding out anyways. its a specially lush day too so been out planting all day -revitalised now.

    Where are you based?
    lots o love
    K x

  3. I'm in Brighton.
    Have you checked out the UK herbarium yet? We do monthly blog parties and there's some great herb bloggers on there.
    It's at http://www.ukherbarium.co.uk/join.htm
    It's nice to have the connection, especially with other folk in the UK :)